Field-list not showing groups individually

Good afternoon,
I am programming a survey that includes a number of groups. We want the survey to show all the questions for each group but only one group of questions at a time. I’ve used field-list before without issue but for some reason it isn’t working for me here. Here is what the beginning looks like.

Hello @dzaas92,
Could you provide more details what happens (wrong), maybe with a screenshot.
Did you set page style in settings?

Side note: Should it not be label::Serbian (sr) ? See here.

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Welcome to the community @dzaas92! This should not be an issue if you are collecting data through Collect android app. FYI, here is a sample of what you should see in Collect android app if you have used the field-list under the appearance column aligned to the group you have created:

But, if you are collecting data through Enketo the field-list does not work unless and until you have configured your page style accordingly. FYI, here is a sample of what you should see in Enketo:

However, if you configure your settings tab of your xlsform as outlined in the image below:


You should see the same as shown in the image below:

Reference xlsform:

field-list appearance.xlsx (25.5 KB)

Note: To learn more on page layout, please feel free to have a look at our support article Using Alternative Enketo Web Form Styles.


Thank you! Yes, I needed to update the style.

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