Field to make a form final

Hello all,
I want to create a field in a form which user can set to indicate that form data is final and once set as final the user should not be able to edit that form even if he has the edit permission. So that in the dashboard I can filer only final data without worry that user can change the data. I don’t want to take edit permission from them as the forms are huge they require to edit it during the month but once they set it final it should become un-editable. I hope I was able to explain it.

Welcome back to the community, @yasirsaeeed! KoboToolbox does not have that exact feature, but maybe you could use the Record Validation feature, which should let you know that these are the validated submissions and require no validation further.

As you are talking about dashboard, you are surely referencing here submitted data. You cannot directly control edit rights through a status of the submission.

Before submission, if they “finalise” the form, they should soon no more be able to edit, in one of the next Kobo/ODK releases. At the moment, they get a warning.

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Thank you so much. I think you got my point very well and I hope we will see this feature soon. Thank you for suggesting Record Validation, however unfortunately it is not matching my requirement. Thanks

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