File from manual download

We had some issues retrieving our data from an outdated browser, but we were able to download the file manually before we updated the browser and lost all the data.

So now all we have is the file we downloaded manually and it appears to be a file without an extension and doesn’t appear to be a zipfile…I can open it in notepad and see the data that we need, but the file is really messy and I don’t really want to spend hours trying to extract the data manually.

I’ve followed the instructions for the bulk submissions, but I can’t find a place to upload the data.

I’m not sure what the best way to proceed is. Any suggestions?

Hi @mylfteam,

Good to know that you were able to successfully retrieve the data that was stuck in your web-form. Now, is the next step where you will need to manually upload them to the KoBoToolbox server. For this, kindly please follow the instructions outlined in our support article MANUALLY UPLOADING SUBMISSIONS.

Have a great day!

Do you see the images attached to my question ? I’ve gone to that article and followed the instructions but I don’t see where to upload the data. Also the file isn’t a zip file it’s a file without an extension.

Hi @mylfteam,

Follow the steps outlined as below:

else if you are using the HHI server:

But please change your_username with your KoBoToolbox username that you used to login to your user account.

  • Then select the zip file that you wish to upload.

So where do you get stuck while following the instructions outlined above?

Have a great day!

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