Filling in the row in matrix issue

Dear KoBo experts!
In our questionnaire we are having several matrices linked to the free text question on previous pages. For some reason, sometimes the order of the rows changes automatically. For sure that is creating lots of inconvenience.Please find attached screenshots and kindly advice how can I improve it. Because of being new user, I can post only 1 image in the post. Please find other screenshots in following messages.

Could you send us a link to your project so that we look at it in detail?


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This is also happening to me. There‚Äôs no parameter function in the GUI, so there‚Äôs no way to turn ‚Äúrandomize‚ÄĚ off.

Dear Stephane and KOBO Toolbox Team,

I do have the same problem with the matrix format, The order is very important in the matrix questions.
No solution was posted here, so could you kindly help me in this case?
This is our project: Evaluación de la Capacitación: Plataformas de venta en línea y soluciones de pago

Many thanks for your quick help!
Best, Caro