Filling up a table of value

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if it could be possible in kobo to fill up a table of values?
In the XLS form, the option table-list for multiple answer question (select-one or select_multiple) allow to have in every line one question and in column every option of answer, but this is only for selecting answer.

I would appreciate if i could have in every line different question (children number 1, number 2 etc) and for each of them in a column different measures (age, sex, weight, height:…) and user just fill up the table without scrolling down or swipping right to change question.

Do you think there is a way to do so?

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I would love to know the answer to this question!

Hi @Quentin,

Have you seen the support article on the Question Matrix type?

If that doesn’t answer your question, let me know.

Thank you mike for your answer,

It is exactly what i would love to do in a XLS form yes,
Do you have more information on how to do it in an XLS form?

Thank you very much!


Great, glad that is what you were looking for @Quentin

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of experience with this question type in XLS. I would recommend doing an example question in the formbuilder then download the xls form file, so it creates the structure and coding for you.

Using the Question Matric type, i am able to create the form and then download the XLS form,

I have to say that the formulas are quite hard to understand ahah.

Anyway, the matrix question type only works in enketo web forms using the grid style as it is mentionned.
I would like to know if there is any way to use it through the app kobo collect. i will have a look at the enketo web, if it works offline too and have nicer features, why not using it!

Thank for any tip on that, i’ll share my discoveries too

I believe you’re correct in that it’s only supported through Enketo web forms and not available in the KoBoCollect app, but Enketo certainly works offline too. You can store as many submissions offline as you need in your web browser using Enketo.

Thank you very much for your help,

Sharing what i think about it:

The web form allows for better format, the table matrix works fine and allow to earn time in the field.
However, everything else is more difficult:
The design of a table matrix in an XLS Form is quite hard to get, therefore it cannot be easily deployed to other staff or bases.
The web browser allows for off-line use (and this is incredible, well done) but doesn´t allow as much as an app like kobo Collect in the editing and visualisation of saved forms.
The análisis of the database is harder in my case: i want to put the children by lines and the anthropometrics measures (age, height, weight etc) in columns, but therefore it returns on the database as many variables (and therefore columns) as there are children.
Rotating the table would theoritically gives me what i want… i didn’t try

My advice for the use of the matrix type would be to create it in the kobo plataform, download the XLS form and integrate it to the XLS form you are constructing in order to have a matrix table type.
However, no way to go around the obligation of using the web browser.

Interesting thank you for your support, given these observations i am not sure we will implement it… but who knows… :slight_smile:

If anyone has more insight to bring it would be a pleasure :slight_smile:


Additional comment:

Using the browser instead of the application is far slower when the survey has a lots of calculation or filters.
In my case where i cant to create lines in the matrix table according to a repeat group, i takes me 1 minutes (with and without internet connexion) for the survey to display the 3 lines after mentioning that the family counts 3 children.
This is a serious problem for a efficient use in the field…

If anyone has more insight about it you are very welcomed,