Filling up shared survey projects

I have two kobo humanitarian accounts for 02 different projects.
I want to link a questionnaire located in account 1 to account 2; so that the mobile users of account 2 can use (complete) the shared questionnaire on their tablets.strong text

Welcome to the community, @Nadege! Do you mean you wish to share projects in-between two KoBoToolbox user accounts created under the same server? If this is the case, you could do it as outlined in the support article Managing Permissions.

But I want mobile users on account 2 (Kobo collection) to be able to access the shared questionnaire.
By doing the deployment, will this not pose a problem for those on account 1 (Kobo collection user on account 1) in sending their collected data?

Sorry for my English; I am French!!!

Hi @Nadege
The approach will hold for the following scenarios

  1. Who owns the project? Account 1.
  2. Who can collect data? Account 2 and Account 1

In the above scenario, Account 1 will share the form with Account 2, with rights to collecting data. Account 2 would have the right to collect data just the same way as to account 1.

If the above scenario is not what you need, kindly provide more details on your scenario so that we can assist you.


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These scenarios meet my expectations perfectly. Will Account 2 have to redeploy the questionnaire at its level, so that its mobile users can access the questionnaires on their tablets?

@Nadege, No, Account 2 does not need to deploy them again at their level. Once a survey project is deployed and shared by Account 1, Account 2 could collect data straightaway.

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ok. thank you very much for your very helpful answers.

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after sharing here is what I get in account 2.
but on the shelves the shared questionnaire is not visible …

Uploading: Screenshot_20210303-150835.png…
On the mobile tablet I can see the other questionnaires but not the shared one…
is this normal? or is there a step I had to skip?
If so, how can I make up for it?

Sorry, I could not understand this. Could you kindly describe it again clearly? Maybe we could then provide you with a response that solves your issue?

ok. here is my reworded question:

I work on 02 different projects (A and B) and for each project I have questionnaires that are admitted by collectors on different mobile tablets.

For project A, I had created a questionnaire that I would like those in project B to have access to and administer to their target group as well.

Since they are different accounts, I wanted to share (share the questionnaire from account A with account B).
After sharing, I do see the questionnaire in account B in the deployed part, but I can’t find it on the mobile tablets after updating.

My questions are the following:
do I have to redeploy the questionnaire in account B so that mobile users of account B can have it on their mobile tablet?
If I do so, won’t the data already collected on the mobile tablets of those of account A be lost?

Will the data collected by the mobile users of account B be merged with the data collected by the mobile users of account A to have a single database?
Is there another alternative/method I can use to have a questionnaire filled in by 02 users with different accounts?

So, your main concern here is that you could not get the shared project in your KoBoCollect android app?

yes yes that’s what it’s all about

If this is the case, maybe this post shared previously should solve your issue:

It’s all about configuring your KoBoCollect android app. Note, if this approach does not work, you will have to check the sharing permissions. If the sharing permission does not permit data collection, users should not be able to view the forms in the KoBoCollect android app.