Filter based on integer field

I have a Query where i have 5 integer question type i.e Q1_1,Q1_2,Q1_3,Q1_4,Q1_5 and my next question is again integer question type Q2_1,Q2_2,Q2_3,Q2_4,Q2_5. I have to display only 3 Q2 fields depending on the value of Q1 with highest value answered in Q1. Like for Eg:
if Q1_1 has value as 20, Q1_2 as 30,Q1_3 as 5, Q1_4 as 40, Q1_5 as 3 then Q2_1 and Q2_2 and Q2_4 will be shown as these three previous question has higher values. Hope it clarifies the query.

Hi @khasaab,

Maybe you could use the skips to filter irrelevant questions as discussed earlier in the forum: