Filter/search not working under data table view


In a project’s data table view, when trying to filter/search records based on a free text column, the page reloads and presents a blank page. User is unable to search or filter records based on text input entered in the top row of text search boxes.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. …In Data, Table view, enter text in a search box for a column that is a free text entry field
  2. …Wait or press enter
  3. …Data loads momentarily and jumps to a blank screen

Expected behavior

Data table should load filtered results

Actual behavior

Blank screen is displayed

Additional details

This bug is reproduced on both Chrome and Safari browsers`

Hi @ashifreeshma,

Welcome to the community! I just tested your reported problem at both the instances viz. (HHI Server) and the (OCHA Server) didn’t find any issue at my end. Could you once again verify it and post an image of the same.

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It seems to only occur when you try to sort on a column. When I filter on a column, that’s doesn’t seem to be causing the issue anymore. I can’t post a screen shot because it’s just a blank screen.

Our dataset has over 6000 records.

Does that help?


Hi @ashifreeshma,

Could you explain how you tried to sort the data from the DATA>Table? I assume the KoBoToolbox only has the filter option. However i am curious to if you have sorted the other way round.

Hi Kal_Lam,

This only occurs if I have a large dataset loaded in the table (in my case over 6000 records).
I am trying to sort by clicking the column header in the Table (The table allows for sorting by clicking on column headers)

See the attached screenshot where I am trying to click the “date_of_visit” column header.

Thank you.