Filter selected list item distinctly from a repeat-group

I have two repeat_group(s) rg1 and rg2.
In rg1, I have select_multiple field named q1 containing list of countries.
In rg2, I have select_one field named q2 containing the same list of counties above too.

My question is that I want the select_one field in rg2 to only contain the list of selected counties in q1 inside a repeat group rg1 without duplicating the selected counties if a county was selected more than once in the rg1.

suppose the counties selected in q1 inside rg1 like this:
1 → USA, Canada
2 → USA, Canada, Mexico, UAE
3 → Mexico, Argentina

When list counties in select_one, I should have only (USA, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Argentina)

Kindly anyone can help me achieving this?

Welcome to the community, @haroonfoad! So you mean it should only display the unique choices selected in the select_multiple question selected in Q1?

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Hi Kal_Lam,

Yes, you are right, I need unique selected choices from q1. Kindly note that q1 is inside a repeat_group.