Filter under DATA>Table not working

It is not working. the filter isn’t working for a specific variable,

Could you kindly provide me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Skype: ahmadkhalidafghan

We would require the information requested above to check it at our end.

I will send it to your Skype. I don’t how to send this privately here.

You should be able to send us private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

@ahmadkhalid01, I don’t see filter issues with your survey project:

Or, is it something we are missing?

Can you please filter KM in implementer tab?

See attached.

OK I found what was causing this issue. When looking your xlsform closely I figured out that the name was not coded correctly.

the name column cannot have space and it should also be unique. Maybe you could have coded the same as follows …


… instead of coding as follows:

IDLG (Urban)
MRRD (Rural)
KM (Kabul)

Try coding your choices tab in this way and it should not be an issue with the filter.

let me check

Cat has the same issue but why that variable is working

It is not working now for all filters.

@ahmadkhalid01, I see that you have 24 deployments and you should have messed up in the later deployments which is causing this issue:

Maybe you will need to be careful with these in the future.

How to fix this? It is now worsen because before all other filters were working and now nothing.

I don’t think you should now be able to manage them as wished because once you make changes (to your variables and codes) and redeploy them you should see the changes as outlined in our previous post:

Shall we add the old code back to retrieve the data?

Why it is working for all other variables?

If you add the old codes, your new codes will have issues. Maybe the best part would be to manage it manually once you complete your survey and then fix it up in your XLS dataset.

Thanks so much.

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