Filtering from 2 Multiple question

Im building a form and need to filter from answers selected in 2 different multiple questions to feed the 3rd one,The issue is that the list in question 1 has more brands than the second list but the list on the third question is the combination of the 2.See attached example xls.Example.xlsx (11.7 KB)

Hi @mnelson,

Seems like you have the following 4 major questions in your xlsform:

Q6. Which of the following boda brands are you aware of?
Q6.2 Which brands of electric boda do you know?
Q7. What is the brand of the main boda you drive?
Q7. What is the brand of your main boda bike?

So what would you wish to do? Could you kindly please explain so that the community would try to resolve your issue if it’s possible in KoBoToolbox. Kindly please try to be specific with what you wish as the concern you have raised is still not quite clear.

Have a great day!

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