Filtering Questions Based on Drop-down Selection in Kobotoolbox

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing a self-completion online survey in Kobotoolbox using XLSForm. I have a specific requirement where I need to filter a group of questions based on the selection made in a drop-down list question. The drop-down list contains countries from around the world, which is populated from a CSV file (countries.csv) containing a comprehensive list of countries.

Here’s the scenario: If a respondent selects an African country such as Kenya or Ethiopia from the drop-down list, I want a specific group of questions to appear. However, if a country outside of Africa is selected, this group of questions should remain hidden.

Could someone provide guidance on how to achieve this functionality in Kobotoolbox using XLSForm?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Can you share examples of this choice list, the csv file column headers and the select question, please?

One simple solution is to create a relevant clause for the question group: ${CountrySelected} = ‘KeniaName’ or ${CountrySelected} = ‘GhanaName’ or …, or ${CountrySelected} = ‘LastAfricaName’.

Hint: There are international standard codes for countries.

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@AnaB, maybe you could use the skip logic as outlined in this post discussed previously: