Fingerprints for KoBo

Hello friends, I would like to develop a form that allows me to collect the fingerprint of a user each time they complete a survey. I prefer the fingerprints than the signatures, since the people who are going to sign are not that skilled with technology. Is there a way to connect koboo with a fingerprint collection device

Yes but its a much more complicated process than the signature and then requires stronger data protection afterwards. For these reasons I have never created a form like this but there is an organistion which provides this technology.


Hi @Gabvzla
Welcome to the community forum. As stated by @NoelCartONG this is theoretically possible. However, I would caution against this in light of strict data security requirements. I would suggest replacing the signature for those who cannot sign with an alternate signature of the interviewer. Generally, you must have very strict data protection measures put in place since we are basically using fingerprints for almost all other monetary verification systems. This poses a great security risk on your part.


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