Follow up data collection and data management

I am planning to collect follow up data for several times and save them in a data table in such a way that for each unique ID, the data will be added to the corresponding next blank cell of the unique ID in the Table.
1st Entry: ID: 1, Data:10
2nd Entry: ID: 2, Data: 20
3rd Entry: ID: 1, Data: 30

The data table I want as: (Contains Follow-Up Data for Unique IDs)

ID Data1 Data2
1 10 30
2 20

Hi @tasbiul,

Welcome to the community! Sorry to inform you that KoBoToolbox at the moment does not support managing longitudinal data (or longitudinal survey).

The only possible feature that is available at the moment which should give you a bit of flavor for the longitudinal survey is the pull data functionality. Try exploring by going through the support article here.

Have a great day!

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in addition to Kal_Lam. Depending on the KoBo tool and online/offline option you are using there might be more posibilities:

  • As long as data are not sent, they can be edited on the (same) KoBoCollect device.
  • After submission, data can still can edited on the server (permission provided).
  • You may create (and store) own case IDs, allowing you to join case data externally, even from different forms.
    Best regards

Thank you for the suggestion. Actually I was looking for ways to reduce manual processing and create an automated system. Can you suggest me on how i can achieve that?
again thank you for your kind response.

You can do automated processing off the system. However this is really dependent on the processing need. What I would normally do is to lay out my processing needs in terms of logical steps. I would then convert these into scripts either in excel or syntax in SPSS for repeating the process.


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Thank you for your response and kind suggestion. I am planning to layout all the steps and use VBA in excel to do the processing. But it would be of great if there was an existing process for conducting this on kobo.
Thank you again for your time.