Form Builder - settings not accessible for a group of questions

Another small question - trying to edit a form. THe form has a few grouped questions. I just wanted to take off the repeat option in one of the groups - but i can’t click on the setting box. for other groups -it opens up like normal. seems weird to me. thanks!

@tabas, maybe this support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups should help you solve your issue.

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that in the setting for the group - the setting button doesn’t work. most other groups on the same project work fine (one similarly doesn’t work)… its just not clickable. I can’t see any obvious issue in the document you referenced. What i did in the end was delete the group - and then regroup the questions.

Hi @Kal_Lam
i’m coming up again with this same issue. While i can workaround by deleting a group and regrouping … i just can’t seem to click on the settings button of some groups. The delete button works fine… so it is kind of annoying!
not sure if this is a bug, a bug for only me, or what it might be. The article doesn’t seem to reference any of my situation.
THanks! as always!

Hi @tabas , I’m having the same issue with my Kobo form. It seems to be a bug, because I cannot explain why I suddenly cannot click on the settings button anymore. Did you find a solution or an explanation ?