Form cannot finalise because of compulsory question with no space for response

Hi all

I created a form, deployed it and collected data. However, I noticed a question that was compulsory but had no space for a response (note type, but compulsory). During data collection, the question was skipped. The form cannot be finalised now as I get an error that says a response is required; how can I fix this without losing the collected data? Will updating the form mean losing collected data?

Hi @dennischoruma, did your data collection finalized? If yes, you can just edit the question and deployed it again, you will not lose any data as you will only change the question’s mandatory status

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A filled/saved form is linked locally to its form version and you cannot update these data on the local device through a new form version.

If your note is filtered by a relevant you could re-edit the form and change the filtering answer to skip the note.

If your note is not filtered by a relevant clause, one workaround is::
- manually reenter the data locally in an updated form version (and delete the old one).

Hint: Always test your form systematically before starting data collection. Note type should only be required = true/yes if you want to block the entry flow and a finalisation/submission based on an error. This note must be filtered through a related relevant clause.


Welcome to the community, @dennischoruma! You could also do the following:

  • Manually upload your data to the server as outlined in this support article Manually Uploading Submissions.
  • Make changes to the form (questionnaire).
  • Redeploy the changes.
  • Go back to the DATA>Table View and make changes to the questions that you had to compromise before.