Form containing errors in fields marked red

Some respondnets of my survey receive “form containing errors in fields marked red” upon submission. Yet, there are no fields marked in red when they scroll up. Please help. TIA.

Welcome to the community, @minuri_perera! Would you mind sharing with us the screenshot of the issue? Maybe we should be able to understand more then.

This is the error message some resondents are getting. But, when they scroll up there are no fields left blank. So there is no error, technically.

@minuri_perera, I guess you have some note questions that are placed under mandatory response. Try un-checking them and that should solve your issue. If you still have issues, feel free to share them (your xlsform) with the community.

Doesn’t seem to be the issue. I am not allowed to share the xls form as I am a new member (?) Can I email it to you instead?

You should now be able to share it. If you still have issues, please refresh your page.

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Life_During_Covid-19_Third_wave_ENGLISH.xlsx (29.6 KB)

@minuri_perera, I first made a check with your xlsform to see if there were any syntax issues. I did not find any. Then I uploaded the same to my account and then made a quick test. Made a submission with Enketo and was able to smoothly submit the data to the server.

What I assume here is that you have either accidentally missed some mandatory variables to fill or you are probably using an outdated browser to collect data (if this is the case try updating your browser or use some modern browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.). Ensure these and this should solve your issue.

Dear @Kal_Lam, many thanks. I appreciate your promt response.

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