Form data not showing up

Hello, I uploaded some forms manually via bulk upload. Now it has broken something, the data page and the reports wont load anymore and the exports even, wont happen anymore. Is it possible from your side to delete last 16 submissions from the backend of a form ?

Kal_Lam Can you please help?

Welcome to the community, @miareva! So you meant that you uploaded the submissions manually to the server and now they do not appear in the server. Did I get you correct? Could you also share with us a screenshot of your issue so that it would be helpful for us to troubleshoot? Could you also let us know the server you are using?

This is the reports page error.

the data page → empty

I used this Projects (legacy view) | KoBoToolbox to upload the xml files as. I think there were some problems in my xml files which has broken the data loading