Form deletion


Since few days we have noticed that some of our forms on KOBO are deleted automatically.

Is there a way to retore deleted forms. Unfortunately, form definitions are not available.

What are the possible reasons for deletion of forms in such case?

With regards,

@Tush, could you provide more details on this? Could you also let us know if you have shared your account login credentials with anyone else? Could you also confirm if those projects were yours (you deployed them) and were not shared projects (by someone else)?

No, the credentials were not shared with others. Yes, the forms were created and deployed by me only.

Which server (the humanitarian server or the non-humanitarian server) are you using, and what is the total number of projects that you claim are missing?

Total 5 forms are missing. Few days back we restored some of them but, it happened again recently.

@Tush, could you explain how you tried this? I would like to see if you did anything that happened to cause this.

We had form definitions with us for those forms, which we uploaded on the server.

@Tush, did you mean you had backup XLSForms, which you uploaded back to the server (to restore your deleted forms)?