Form does not fit on my Android screen

I designed a form and it is showing nicely on the preview window on web browser but when I open the form on Adroid app the view is drifferent.

The form has groups and some Tables, The tables are the ones that are not aligned.

above is the form that I see on the web preview. (that is what I want to see on Android. )

Currently what I see on Android app is that the table is broken into rows.

Please help.


Hi @herald and welcome to the community!

This response type only works when using Enketo , utilizing the Grid-theme layout .

For information:

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Thanks for your response @hakan_cetinkaya
So this basically means we can use a sharable link that users can use the web rather than android right?

That’s correct @herald

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Thanks this was helpful!!


@hakan_cetinkaya, :bowing_man:

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