Form does not load in web browser when sharing it with colleagues

Hello Team
Good morning
I have designed the form into the humanitarian site but when I was trying to share the form by using the link(web based) the shared person tell me the form does not opening, can anybody help me
See the link below

Hi @ihi.2016,

Kindly please be informed that i am able to view your survey form. FYR (please see below):

Maybe your team could not open the same in his/her device due to one of the following possibilities:

  • A typo error while typing the link i.e. in his/her devices browser.
  • If the user has tried to open the link in an outdated browser (like Internet Explorer) instead of modern browsers (viz. Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.).
  • Users are sometimes not able to open the link in their device’s browser when the browser itself is out dated. In such case you will need to update the browser to it’s latest version.

Have a great day!

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