Form finds username


I am building a form that will give select options based on username when they are logged in.
The form has the metadata ‘username’. Then a calculation ${username} to make a user label. Then some select_on_from_file that filters based on user. I promise the form was working correctly, and locating my username when logged in properly. But after a couple weeks it has a message where my username used to be that says “username not found”

Here is a screenshot of the xlsx form with the calculation and the file attached.

(note: line 8 select_one_user, label user1 is used when I demo a form for a client, and has a choice list of many users so they can see lines 10, 11, 12 operate for many users. In this case I change the choice filter in lines 10, 11, 12 to say ‘user1’)
usernamecalcsample.xlsx (12.1 KB)

@saseehav, kindly be informed that the username would be active if you use the Collect Android App instead of Enketo as the metadata username is available only with the former data collection approach.