Form formatting to accomodate indentation

Hello, team.
Kindly support, am a bit new to kobo, I want to display my paragraph as it is, which means I don’t want kobo to format it, like it has indents, spaces, etc, I want it to be displayed as it is.

Welcome to the community, @mwendamseke! Could you kindly share a sample of what you are trying to refer to? Maybe a screenshot should be helpful to understand your issue.

Thank you very much for a quick response.
see samples bellow;

Scenario: Authentication required
Given I am on the home page
When I follow “Tasks”
Then I should see “You need to sign in or register before continuing.”

Scenario: Register as new user
Given I am on the home page
And I follow “Register”
And I fill in “user_email” with “
And I fill in “user_password” with “secret”
And I fill in “user_password_confirmation” with “secret”
When I press “Register”
Then I should be on the home page
And I should see “Welcome! You have registered successfully.”

Scenario: Debug a PHP file containing spaces
    Given I have a file My File.php containing
        $var = 1;
    And I start the debugger with the PHP script My File.php
    When I step over
    Then the watch window should show $var

Scenario Outline: Admins and designers can see and edit layouts
Given I am logged in as “”
And I should see “Design”
When I follow “Design” within “#navigation
# And I follow “Layouts”
And I should not see “You must have designer privileges”
And I follow “Main”
Then I should see “Edit Layout”

  | username  |
  | admin     |
  | designer |

Hi @mwendamseke, I’m not sure I understand how those scenarios relate to KoBoToolbox. Can you please explain this further and provide screenshots for context :+1:

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Hello @Josh, thank you for your concern.
Actually, I want to assess the readability of these scenarios, so I want to share with people and request them to rate there readability of each scenario. the point here is I want the scenarios to appear as they are, but when I put them now the indentation is not seen, I tried using the HTML tag

 but instead, it appears with the tag. I want to know if there is a way I can put then the scenario appears as it is.


Hi @mwendamseke, thank you for explaining further. Unfortunately the styling allowed in the forms is very limited so I would recommend that you rather display the styled note as an image in your form. Something like this:


type name label image
note scenario_note_1 Scenario 1 scenario_1.png

Where scenario_1.png is an image of your snippet.

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Hi @Josh, Thank you again for further assistance. I thought about using an image, but my worry was the loading delays since the form will have to contain around 300 scenarios.

Hi @mwendamseke, yes that could be problematic with many images. You can try reducing the image sizes as much as possible or host the images or formatted scenarios somewhere else and then include a URL link to that inside the note for each scenario.

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Thank you @Josh. I will try the options and see how they will perform.
Many thanks, team.