Form getting the collector back to a question, when finalizing and submitting the form without showing any error

Dear Kobo experts,

I have a form , in which after entering the data in KOBO Collect, it is being finalized and trying to submit, it goes back to an integer field question in a group without showing any error and doesn’t allow to submit.
I have checked all the validation rules and settings but that entry complies with all validation rules. In preview form mode, with the same entries I am able to validate the form.
Kindly suggest what could be the reasons and how to correct those?

P.S.: It is a lengthy form which contains repeat group within group, the integer field to which it takes, is situated in that repeat group.


Did you check this form version with the Online Validator?

Could you provide an extract/screenshot with the related XLSForm part for this integer field, incl. the item before and after, please.
(We had few cases in Collect where an error popped up before or after the causing question.)

After being pushedback

  • What happens if the user just moves forward to the next 2 pages, without any editing?
  • What happens if the user re-enters the same integer value, moves forward and finalises?

Was there any change on your form recently? Was the local case entry started with this form version?

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Dear @wroos,

Yes I checked on Online validator, with same entries, to which it returned form is valid.

The screenshot of the part of form showing the integer field (highlighted cell) is given below:

After being pushed back:

  1. If we move forward till the end of the form without any editing, it shows no error. When finalizing and submitting, it again pushes back to the same field.
  2. If re-enter the same value, the result is same as mentioned above.

Yes, the form was revised twice before this version for correcting other issues related to repeat group, current version is 3. The local case entry was started with the v3 only.


Yes, seems strange.
Could you provide for this problem case the values for age_yrs and family_id_001?
Did you test with the same complete household members?
Does this enumerator get an error if she/he enters an invalid age for this case?

family_id_001 has inconsistent definitions: calculation and editable and default. The calculation will always fire and dominate, even if the group has a relevant filter. (As far as I know.)

  • If edit should not be allowed, this field should be read-only, And the default might be removed or the calculation;
    Or preferably to use a note directly referencing the ${cal_family_id}, without default and calculation.
  • If you want to allow edit either default or calculation with once(…) could be used.

As there is a $given_name column there might have been duplicate names, automatically adapted with _00n suffix. But not adapted for any references.

  • Original duplicates are found with the Online Validator, and should better be corrected manually (incl. any references).
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Dear @wroos

Values for age_yrs is 62 and family_id_001 is autocalculated from previous entries and get here by default (in this case value is 8827460124)

The enumerator is also not getting any error.

Interestingly the online entry through the web form is allowing the submission.

Yes, family_id_001 needs to be tested further.

The $given_name column is empty and I am thinking of removing it. Not sure if it is needed.


  1. Do you get an error for INVALID age on server level?
  2. Is the same form language used, locally and on server edit?

Could you provide info for these 4 questions, please?

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  1. The collector only see this group of questions when family members of 6 months to 5yrs and 60 yrs or above are available for measurement, otherwise it skips. So when this group is skipped, the collector are successfully able to submit their form in one go. It is only when this group (which can be repeated if required) is used, the form can’t be submitted.

  2. If age is entered, is invalid as per set criteria then it shows error when trying to move to next question.

  3. Yes we get error if INVALID age is entered when testing through online validator.

  4. The form language is English, Hindi language is used only in hints of question and in labels of options. The same language setting is used at server and app of mobile device of collectors.

With repeated attempts, I think the issue is with repeatable group in which the question is located and not with age question.