Form list download failed as 180 users were trying to access the form simultaneously through Collect android app

Is the server facing issues. I get a similar error on my screen.


I just had to stop half way in the training session.
Please help.

@fsimon23, please be informed that there are no server issues at the moment.

Thank you. However, we feel it is slow. We are connecting from different parts of the country.

Which server are you using?

@fsimon23, there should not be ably server issues.

Thanks. Probably, it was because that so many people (180) were accessing it at the same time. Now, it is working fine. Thanks for your support.

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Thank you for updating this with the entire community, @fsimon23! The updates you provided should be helpful to our community having similar issues. Just curious to know the total number of users who are currently accessing the form now through the Collect android app. Is it still approximately 180 or has that number been dropped down?

That was in one training where there were 180. Yesterday, there were 350+. Yet it was working fine. No issues.

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Thank you for providing additional details on this.