Form metadata

I am developing 2 kinds of forms that will be used in ODK-Collect. A desktop application downloads the submissions captured using the 2 kinds of forms…

The desktop app needs to know the source of the JSON string so that the correct function is called to parse the JSON into a class…

What I do is to use the title key from the form metadata. If certain words appear in the title then I use this function to parse the JSON.

Is there any other approach I can use, aside from using the title attribute of the metadata to distinguish the json data coming from 2 e-forms?


I would to add some more information to make myself clearer.

In the Settings sheet of the XLSFORM, I devised a naming convention in the version column. The naming scheme looks similar to VLM-202103171. In another XLSForm, the convention I use is LSVC-202103101. I was hoping that I will see this attributes in the form metadata so that my application can identify the origin of the JSON that was downloaded.

Although you can always specify the title of the Project in XLSForm, this is not guaranteed because users can always change the title in the Project page in Kobotoolbox. (Please tell me if thiis is wrong) That is why I am looking for an attribute in the form metadata that can be specified in XLSForm and is not changed by Kobotoolbox or by users.

Unfortunately, Kobotoolbox ignores the version in the XLSForm and inserts its own implementation. (Again, I hope I am wrong on this)


@raffy_m, do you mean something similar to this which is currently a work in progress feature…

If this is the same, will let you know when the release is available.