Form not loading after I added theme-gried layout

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing a strange error. My form is already deployed as a classic layout, and I just added a theme grid. I am trying to deploy the form, but it is not leading; instead, it is returning an unspecified error.
Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 11.45.12 PM

Support will be highly appreciated.

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Hi @imran3may, can you elaborate more? And share your xls form?

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Hi @osmanburcu, thank you so much for your prompt help! This form is already working perfectly on the classic layout; however, my client recently requested to change this to theme-grid layout. So the only change I made to the XLSForm is just added theme-grid in the settings page and it stopped working. I am going to share this as a private message just for confidentiality purposes; however, I understand the standard practices of the forum and once you will find the issue, I will share a note for others to learn from that. Note: The form I am going to share with you, if you simply remove theme-grid from that form it will start working immediately. So it is a bit strange case to me.

Thank you once again in advance @osmanburcu,

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Hi again,

I think your problem is not about the changing the theme. Can you check the Connect projects under the Settings? Because I got the same error when i imported your form “Failed to load Survey.xml” which is the name for your xml-external connection. If you make sure it is existed and connected, It should solve your problem


Dear @osmanburcu,

You are a problem solver. Yes, indeed, as I was trying to import data from another form and trying to access the form before completing the connection settings, I was encountering the issue. Now it is working perfectly.

Thank you so much once again,


@osmanburcu, :bowing_man: