Form Not Working Offline for Enumerators

Hie guys! New here and I need help. I created a form using the web version. I intend for enumerators to use the form offline when in the field. However, they aren’t able to use it unless it’s online. I have given them permissions but they don’t have their own users. How can I resolve this best? Onilne-Offline multiple responses is activated.

Welcome @sisterhoodhelp,
Can you share a screenshot with the error message, please?

Maybe the Help Center documentation can provide help.

Signal Bars: The signal bars indicate whether the form can be launched offline or not. Web forms are built to be able to collect data while you are offline, however, it is essential to visit the form URL with an internet connection before going offline. Once your form has been loaded and cached, you’ll see the offline availability icon (empty “signal bars” and a check mark) in the top-left corner indicating that you can now access the form offline.
Collecting Data through Web Forms — KoboToolbox documentation

If the browser cache/cookies are deleted, the form(s) will disappear.

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Thank you so much. I hadn’t told them to first login when connected to the internet and try to input data offline. I’ve done that and await their response. I will update you.

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It is only needed the first time, to initially download/cache the form. (Except browser cache is cleaned.)