Form not working on mobile browser


I am experiencing a strange phenomenon. I created an enketo web form, which can be accessed here: Enketo Express for KoBo Toolbox and which includes a geopoint type question.

The geopoint works fine on the computer’s browser, and on kobocollect on my phone, but when I use my phone’s browser (I use chrome on android, but the problem was also reported by someone using an iPhone and Safari), the geopoint widget does not work. Instead of a map, I get the following screen, with the option of entering the map by hand.

The same happens with a geotrace widget. You have to answer Yes or Yes, several times to reach the geopoint/geotrace respectively.

I tried several ‘Collect data’ options, neither one I tried seemed to work, though I may have not tried all of them.

I attach (or at least try to attach…) a screenshot and my xls file
aAsfpCT7yduS948q2huamT.5Feb2022.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Thanks for your advice.

@zvig, do you mean you are not able to add the geopoint when collecting data through your android device?

I expected to look for the location on the map. Instead, I have the option to enter the coordinates manually. When I click on the icon, it moves me to the first coordinate and opens a numeric keypad which I can use to enter the latitude and longitude manually.

The goal is for a returned traveler to find on the map (or through a map search) where he had a medical problem, and I do not expect them to have the coordinates handy to enter by hand.

@zvig, would you mind updating your browser to see if that should solve the issue? Maybe also give it a try though a tablet to see the difference.

The browser was last updated Jan 19th, 2022, and there does not seem to be another update. I’ll try on a tablet, but it may take some time as I don’t use one. However, the issue took place on 3 unrelated mobile browsers, so it probably is not the browser alone. It must be something I misconfigured.

I installed Opera browser on my android phone, and experienced the same issue.

Update - I had someone try it on an iPad. It worked. Once the map button was clicked, a map appeared. It wasn’t quite clear what to do with it, but with instruction it seemed to be just fine. On the phone, the map button sends me to fill the coordinates manually.

BTW, I expected the map to load automatically, It would have been nice to be able to set the center of the map to be in India, rather than where the phone is. Is that something that can be placed into the form, as the default coordinates? But I digress.

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Thank you for confirming @zvig! Please also be informed that most of the Enketo features work best with big screen devices. A tablet’s screen is bigger in comparison to a mobile’s screen. In addition, please also use Enketo with modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. for best results.

  1. Okay, first my apologies for not letting this topic die out…

  2. The issue is this: it’s not my phone per se, because using Kobotoolbox collect app (or ODK collect) the maps display fine. Let alone that googlemaps works fine too.

If I use the, the map widgets display just fine. So it’s not the form/widget alone either. I tried all the possible appearance settings from enketo and ODK (maps, maps hide-input, placement-map) and none worked.

It must be the form interacting with the kobotoolbox server - or the underlying code to display the map - which is causing the problem.

I’ll try to tweak it some more, and if it does not work, I’ll have to use another survey tool, because most my respondents will use cellphones. Since the goal is to have people in high income countries identify locations on the map, I can’t skip the map question…

Thanks again for your help!