Form redeployment issue

quelqu’un peut m’aider à redéployer mon formulaire. A chaque fois, j’ai le message d’erreur suivant: << unable to deploy
Votre fiche ne peut pas être affichée car elle contient des erreurs.
Expecting value: line 2 column 1 (char 1) >>
Voici mon xlsformaTyJPWPu3trFrvtWUL3Bw3.xlsx (35.3 KB)

We are having the same issue with our survey.

This happens to unchanged form after the update today.

Hi @youssouphasarr, @aamra

FYI, our developers are having a closer look at this case! Thank you for you kind patience!

Bonjour @youssouphasarr @aamra
I would like to confirm that the issue has since been resolved and you should be able to deploy your form as long as it does not have any form design issues. Kindly check and confirm if you are still experiencing the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


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C’est bon maintenant et excusez-moi de ma réponse tardive. Merci

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