Form sharing and configuring it with KoboCollect android app in a private server

Hi Good day,
I am using a paid server with URL: and built a form which was shared to another server with URL:
One logining to the online server for the nigeria_adamawa, I am able to find the shared form but I am unable to get the form on Kobo Collect app without changing the Url on the Kobo collect application.
What must be the problem?


@coldcharly, you can check the FORM tab to find the correct URL as shown in the image below:

Once the URL is identified, you can then configure the URL as outlined in the article shared previously:

If you still have issues, then you may need to contact your system admin for further support as you are on a private server.

Thanks for your response. With what I seen, the solution proposed will require that I enter the my url, username and password of my Kobocollect server on the Kobocollect application. I need them to use the url of their server (eg. and password to download the blank form. If i have to input the url, username and password for my server, there will be no need to sharing the form from my server to the server of another partner in the first place. I would have just provided the information to the partner.
I dont need to give them access to all the forms on my server.

@coldcharly, if you don’t want to share your personal credentials then you could share your project with your colleague’s account as outlined in these support articles: