Form Styling for label (xlsform) in KoboCollect

Hi everyone. This is Joseph, I just wanna ask why my form styling codes for “group labels” which works in Enketo web form but does not work anymore in Kobocollect (or in android phone).

Like for instance:

this code works in Enketo web form but not anymore in the kobocollect (or in the android), Any advise please, Thank you

Maybe you could follow some of these examples discussed previously:

this one sir Kal_Lam. Could the form styling codes works also in group labels sir?

@jsphrico, seems like the Collect android app does not support styling prompts with the begin_repeat group. But the same supports with other question types.

Copying @Xiphware here. Maybe he should be able to add more to this.

noted sir @Kal_Lam. Thank you sir

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