Form styling super- and subscript

I would like to use some sub- and superscript notations. Is that possible in ODK using Excel form? I am unable to find information regarding this topic. I have read using something as <sub> and <sup> notations, but that didn’t work. I hope someone can enlighten me! Thanks in advance!

Did you try: to display a2 by writing a2 in HTML ?

Hint: There is are differences what styling options are working in Collect and in Enketo.

@Webex, have you tried checking out this styling prompts? It should help you solve your issue.

Thanks for the assistance! I am partly able to continue, but I have some questions.

  • In my ODK form, an equation can be found and I need to center it. I have used:

<p style=“text-align:center”>Centered label

as an example, but it didn’t work. What is going wrong?

  • I also want to prevent a prompt from being executed for using as an example for if I want to use styling prompts in the future. For example the


from being executed. Instead looking as in:


I have used the following form:
Styling prompts.xlsx (15.1 KB)

and got the following Enkato form:

@Webex, there are some limitations with the web form. Try using the Collect Android App and that should do more for your requirement.