Form submission error - "HEAD request status code: 200"

Hello, I great you well. I need your assistance.

I am getting an error message when i try to send form submission to the kobotoolbox (server) where it was created and downloaded to my kobocollect app. Lets call it AA for convenience.

I downloaded the form AA ok, filled and finalised it but i get an error message every time i try to submit the completed form.

Here is the “Upload Results” message I am getting;

Form name - Failed to sent to Is this an OpenRosa submission endpoint? If you have a a web proxy you may need to log in your network.

HEAD request result status code:200

I am very confused right now about why this is happening on this particular form.

I have another form (lets call it C for convenience) which i have on the same kobotoolbox account and downloaded it to the same kobocollect app on the same android device as the form (E) i am having difficulties with (as described above). The strange this that i can submit the it forms collected with form CC.

Someone please explain to me what is going on with my form… I have enumerators right now in the fiekd who are unable to submit their completed form.


@chochoma1, are you seeing this issue on the Collect Android App? Could you share with the community a screenshot of your issue so that the community should be able to understand your issue pictorially?

Hi Kai_Lam, yes I am only only experiencing this issue on the colle Android app.

On the web form version of the questionnaire (enketo), I can successfully submit completed questionnaires.

I have attached a screenshot of the message I get when I try to submit completed questionnaires using kobocollect or odk collect apps.


I have been battling the same issue. I hope I too can be helped with this.

Hi, I have taken a look at the XML file generated by the form that I am having issues with and notice that the submission action= is directed the link that is given in the error message. *see text copied from the xml file below"

function UpdateCodeDiv(classtype, strcontent) { try { $(‘#codeDiv’).attr(‘class’, classtype); $(‘#codeDiv’).text(strcontent); } catch (e) { ; } } function HighlightCode() { try { $(‘pre code’).each(function (i, block) { hljs.highlightBlock(block); }); } catch (e) { ; } }

**<h:html xmlns="" xmlns:ev="" xmlns:h="" xmlns:jr="" xmlns:odk="" xmlns:orx="" xmlns:xsd="">**
**  <h:head>**
**    <h:title>NACSA_UCT_IGR_2024</h:title>**
**    <model odk:xforms-version="1.0.0">**
**      **<submission action="" method="post" />****
Is this the correct path to submit completed forms to kobo server?


I am pleased to inform you and all our colleagues who will be facing a similar issue that i have fix the problem. Our enumerators can now submit their finalised forms to kobo.

I will explain how i got round that difficulty.

I downloaded the XMLForms for both projects {AA} and {CC} and compared the differences between the two forms {AA} and {CC} to understand why i can submit finalised forms for {CC} but not for {AA}.

I found out that the XMLForm for {AA} had settings set to the URL the error message was referring to. I deleted the tab containing the setting save the new XMLForm as the name of my project. I them uploaded the new XMLForm for AA into kobotoolbox and wala :raised_hands:, the problem had been solved. That all i did and we can now use the new XMLForm imported into kobotoolbox as a new project.

Cheers to all