Form successfully submitted but not received

I have deployed a project on I have started receiving the submissions. However few submissions are not received even after the message of “successfully submitted” was received to the sender. Given below is the screenshot of the message.

Requesting guidance on the same.

Thanks and regards,

You will need to keep the browser open and ensure all the data have been successfully synced to the server. You should be able to learn more through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Thanks @Kal_Lam . But is the process of submission is complete after the sender receives the message “form successfully submitted”? Or is there anything else to be done?
Because in some cases users are receiving message as shown in image in previous message but still it is not received.

If you look at the image and follow 6, it has 0, which means there are no pending submissions. If there are some numbers other than 0, you should wait until it finally goes back to 0. Besides, when it’s not 0 and then you clear your browser’s cache, you will lose all the information from the browser. So always be cautious that you don’t clear your browser’s cache.