Form url in export column

I would like to know if there is a possibility that when making an exportable form a form it brings a column with the url as it happens with images or attached data, so that the form can be seen in a view.

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Welcome back to the community, @dhernandez! Could you provide more details on this? Maybe a screenshot would also be helpful to understand your issue pictorially.

Thanks @Kal_Lam , of course.

We have a form that is captured by external consultants and for the payment of these consultants, our financial area requests in the exportable database of the form, proposes to see the form as an audit, my question is, is there the possibility of having in the export database a url that allows you to see the form as it is seen from kobotoolbox in a view form?, as it happens with the attached files that generate a url to see them directly from the database.

@dhernandez, wouldn’t it be possible to share the project with view permission so that anyone could view the submissions made by the specific user if and when needed?

Yes, @Kal_Lam at this moment the person from the financial area already has view permission on the form, however the exportables have date and user filters, so the finance person has the downloadable database that they need to review. That’s why I see the solution in a url to click the form you need to view.

@dhernandez, if you only need to ensure the entries for the payment, maybe it would be easier to handle this by making an input variable that captures the name of the enumerator. With this variable, the person managing this project should be able to review the forms collected by the enumerators for payments or could also validate/review the collections made for quality assurance.