Form with images - Images don't load

Hi all,

I created a form with images instead of text and the form is in two languages. Everything worked in the beginning (when the form was in two languages but the images were only in the English version). But at some point it stopped loading all the images.

I assumed it had to do with the size of the images or the wrong image names in the xls-form, so:

  • Tried to recreate a version (only English) that worked before with smaller images
  • Tried to do the same with only the second language
  • Checked all the image names

But actually nothing worked. Strangely the images that loaded were different on different devices.

Here the link:

We really would like to test it before we go live. But the images are a crucial part.

Thank you very much in advance for any feedback.

Have a great day,

Hi @cedric.jordan,

Welcome to the community! Please note, ::[language] is optional for media::image::language. Would you like to try out simply using media::image for your survey form.


Y have the same problem did you solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @nattycadena,

Welcome to the community! Would you be kind enough to share us your screenshot with the issue you are facing?