Form works in Enketo but not in the app

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I have a problem with a form that fully works in Enketo but not in KoboCollect. The form in question has quite a few calculations but still it has never given me any problems. With the last changes I made to it, it began to fail in the app.
I quote the first problem; this calculation is not done in the app but works without problems in Enketo:
In Enketo:

In KoboCollect:

The same happens with this calculation: in Enketo it works as desired but in the app it only shows the result of one of the two calculations:
In Enketo:

In KoboCollect:

The most serious case is the one that I point out below since it does not allow you to continue filling in the form; it just continuously displays the message that the image displays and stays there:

What I can deduce, based on the message, is that there is more than one field with the same name; At first there was but it was corrected and even so the error continues to appear and does not allow the load to continue, as I mentioned above.

It seems to me that it is the app that is not working so my question is is there any way that I can fix this?

@jaimesj, have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator? The online validator would help you identify syntax issues present within your XLSForm.

Hello Kal_Lam

Not really, in fact I didn’t know that such a tool exists

I’m going to try it

Although, as I mention in my post, in Enketo the form works perfectly but in Kobocollect it doesn’t.

Thanks for your answer

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