Format Choice with i.e. bullets


In this survey the Choice text contains a number of words - which I would like to display with bullets.

I.e. the last choice - I would like to format it so it like this in Enketo:
"No form is in place or a form is in place which does not contain at least the meaning of the following headlines:

  • Product
  • Batch number
  • What is suspicious
  • DDA informed

In my xls sheet I have tried different styring commands - but without much success:

Any suggestion is much appreciated.

@steen_andersen, is this for the survey or the choices sheet?

This is for the choices sheet

If this is a choices sheet design, how would you define your choices? What would a bullet signify under the choices sheet?

In my first post I had shown a question as it looks in enketo.
I has three choices.
Each choice is a relatively long text listing a number of items which should be there.
I would like to format the choice text (label) so it shows each of the coices as a bullet.

Enketo today:

How I want to format the choice text (last of choices above)
Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 15.24.54

This is my choice sheet:

Row 887 & 888 I am trying to format the two choices, so the text(label) displays a bullet list of items the inspector must check.
Each bullet is NOT a choice - it is part of the text.

Choice 887 having a text + 8 bullet points
Choice 888 having a text plus 4 bullet points

I know I could construct a select many question like
"Does the form include the following: