**FormLogicError:** could not evaluate: selected

Dear friends:

I am working on the design of a survey in Kobotoolbox and dabbling in the options offered by working on the xlsForm file where I have introduced some modifications. at this moment I get the following error that I would appreciate if you could help me to solve:

FormLogicError: could not evaluate: selected( /model/instance[1]/a49iWTr7xSdogUfQHNmWFK/group_ww6hp26/group_ju4ds72_header/group_ju4ds72_header_column ), message: can’t access property “t”, r is undefined

This is the group to which the error refers:(Sorry, but I can’t upload file)

type name label::Spanish (es)
begin_group group_ww6hp26 Iniciativas
begin_group group_ju4ds72_header
note group_ju4ds72_header_columna Nombre
note group_ju4ds72_header_columna_1 Capítulos o temas con que se relaciona esta acción
note group_ju4ds72_header_columna_2 Responsable
begin_repeat group_lx0ig49
begin_group group_ju4ds72_fila
text group_ju4ds72_fila_columna fila-Nombre
select_multiple xa0iu20 group_ju4ds72_fila_columna_1 fila-Capítulo
text group_ju4ds72_fila_columna_2 fila-Responsable

hint::Spanish (es) required guidance_hint appearance
(p.ej. Programa de atención a mujeres jefas de hogar) false w1
false w1
(Identificar cuál es la persona u oficina responsable ) false w1
false w4 no-label
true w1 multiline
false w1 horizontal-compact
true w1 no-label multiline

Welcome @Sebas-Celade,

It seems that you reference a (previous) name …_column somewhere, for example in a relevant or constraint expression,

Furthermore it is also possible, that you had _columna duplicates which were automatically changed by KoBo to …_columna_1 or _columna_2 because the name was used as duplicate before.

Such change of duplicate names is indicated if you find a $given_name column in your form (survey sheet) when you download it. The cell shows the original name which was automatically adapted in the name cell, but not in any references. So, you need to check and adapt any previous references to the original name.

I would recommend to always us the Online validator ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x during form development. This would flag such duplicate names and other errors and warnings. It is also preferable to do changes step-by-step with the Excel replace function, searching for all occurrences in the sheet(s).

@Kal_Lam may set for you - as a new community member - the right to attach files here.

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Thanks for your help, Wroos. I will follow the track to the indications you give me.

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According to @kal_lam I will see that theme here, as you say.
Thank you!

@Sebas-Celade, if your issue has still not been resolved, you should now be able to upload your XLSForm in the forum so that the community should be able to help you out.

Dear Kalyam and Cobotoolbox community,

Thank you for your suggestions that allowed me to solve the error for which I consulted and continue with the project that I am implementing, counting now on the help you can give me.

Greetings from Chile,