FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: x`, message: Failed to execute 'evaluate' on 'XPathEvaluator': The string 'x`' is not a valid XPath expression

Hi there,

I’ve been using this xls and adding to it over the last weeks and suddenly I get this error when I upload the form: FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: x, message: Failed to execute 'evaluate' on 'XPathEvaluator': The string 'x’ is not a valid XPath expression.
I put the xls into an online form validator and it says there’s an error with row 14 and that I need to start with a letter…but no matter how I change row 14 it gives me the same error.

Error: [row : 14] Invalid question name ‘Pollen_load_nemesia caerulea’. Names must begin with a letter, colon, or underscore. Other characters can include numbers, dashes, and periods.
I’ve attached my xls file below.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

Dec Insect Form Current.xlsx (44.3 KB)

Hi @victoria_r,
Welcome to the community. I checked your file and found more than 200 mistakes in your XLSForm, mostly similar types of errors. Here are the main issues:

*** You used spaces in variable names. Variable names should be unique and without spaces.**
*** In the ‘required’ column, you used ‘x’. The ‘required’ column should use ‘true’, ‘false’, or be left empty.**
*** Label names were written incorrectly.**
*** In choices list I found duplicate variable name. If you remove the duplicate variable name then the filter option will work**

Please check the attached file against your original file.
Dec Insect Form Current.xlsx (41.9 KB)

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Thank you.

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@victoria_r, in addition to @Bulbulrds’s advise you can also always use this online validator to validate your XLSForm to check if there are any syntax issues,

Hi, thanks for taking a look at it!
Is there no way I can keep the filter resolution in the choices section so that the form sorts by month then altitude then plot number?