Forms collected through Enketo not seen in the server

One of my research assistant has been entering data using the webform to enter data but not all the data reaches my account on the server. Noticed that last week most of the data did not enter… He has been made this complaint before but I did not take note. But this last set I could confirm.

Welcome to the community @Sampydee! Data collected form the browser generally fails to reach the server in the following condition:

  • If your enumerator does not submit the filled up forms/submissions to the server.
  • Sometimes, there maybe connectivity issue with the device hence your enumerator may not be able to submit it to the server.
  • If you enumerator clears the cache of the browser (manually/forcefully) or uses some third party app to clear the cache of the browser the collected information gets cleaned up and these filled up forms gets missing.

We thus request you to make a follow-up with your enumerator and see if he/she accidentally did one of those outlined above.

The other reason for you not being able to see the data in the server is a condition if you are not an admin account holder and you only have certain access over to the forms and survey project. So ensure you are the admin account holder or have all the required access to the survey project.

I have mad a follow up and all the forms have been submitted to the server. No clearing of cache of the browser and I am the admin account holder.

Please help.

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He filled forms and submitted on a Friday and Saturday and those forms are not on the server but the ones he filled on Sunday are on the server.

So how can you say that the data submitted on Friday and Saturday are not present in the server? Would you also mind letting us know the browser your enumerator has used?

I was surprised. That’s why I sent the message.
Safari, iPad, iOS

OK, could you kindly provide us the following information through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server you are using

Also please let us know the total number of submissions that you feel is still missing. These information should be helpful for our verifications/investigation.