Forms stuck in edit saved form

Dear all,

In one of the data collection activities, the enumerators are failing to get the form marked as finalized and send them to server yet the forms are completed. The forms are only saved as draft in the edit saved forms.

Please assist me.

Welcome to the community, @ace_mel! Generally, when you have finished collecting data and when the form is marked as ‘finalized’ and when you Save Form and Exit the saved form simultaneously goes to Edit Saved Form and Send Finalized Form. In such scenario, go back to the Edit Saved Form, open the form and then click Go To End and click Save Form and Exit making sure the form is marked as ‘finalized’.)*

Here is a screenshot,

The form has a group being repeated as necessary, when registering one farmer its reaching this stage.

But when registering a number of farmers it doesn’t even this reach stage

Try editing it manually through the navigation icon (the down faced arrow key).

Alright. So when we reach the save form and exit it says there’s an error and takes you to the page where you need to add more farmers

And it’s saying this response is required yet it had already been filled out for the farmers registered

OK, if this is an issue from the repeat group you will need to be very cautious and then make edits. Leaving traces will also affect your editing. If an editing is not complete you will not be able to submit it to the server.

So you will need to go back case by case and then need to make changes.

We have gone back to the forms to check if there were some mandatory questions not answered, but couldn’t find any but still not proceeding to the next stage

OK in this case, maybe the best and easy option would be to follow the instructions outlined in our support article Manually Uploading Submissions. After having the data in your server, you could then edit them directly from the server.