Found package.json in kpi

I’m looking for someone who can help me reaching out my package.json directory where I can “nom run catch” I have installed kobo on my own server using GitHub - kobotoolbox/kobo-install: A command-line installer for setting up and running KoBoToolbox on a remote server or local computer, using kobo-docker. but then when I install it on my workstation I’m looking for my kpi directory where I can change de front-end interface.

Hello @SantiTamariz, If you are good with react, Django, Docker and Docker-compose then do the following:

  • Clone the respective repository eg kpi make necessary changes
  • Build into docker image, Pull pull and run the image on your server
  • You may need to docker retag etc

See attached sample work on my dev cloud server , I use the same flow/steps

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Thank you @stephenoduor but did you clone the kpi repository but yo can’t install de web application without the kobo-install so which ones were the steps to get the kpi repository cloned as well as the kobo-install to make the changes in the kpi which affects to the kobo-install

Sorry for not getting it, I’m learning about this.

@SantiTamariz you must be good at python , Docker and docker compose, the kobo-install is a python script so you need to make the necessary changes

I know that I need to make changes in the script, actually I’m using visualStudio to make that changes but I what I mean is that in the script where is the directory where I make the changes because it is in the kpi but I can’t found it. I try to make the changes in “kobo-docker/.vols/static/kobocat” y “kobo-docker/.vols/static/kpi” but if for example I change the background image it reset the changes when restart the docker.

@SantiTamariz What you are asking for is making changes directly in the the kpi containers volume, That’s not easy unless you have away to save those changes on a running container

My work flow is:

  • Clone kpi from github repository into my pc,
  • Open the code in my code editor,
  • Make necessary changes & building new kpi image,
  • Push the new kpi docker image to my docker repository then,
  • Pull and run the image on my server,

Its a process and might be advanced for most users,

NB: Again You need thorough understanding of Docker, Docker compose, Python3/ Django framework, React

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Hello @stephenoduor could you say me how can I build the new image with the changes done in the kpi repository

Thank you

You can save the changed source files locally and use the

build: <path_to_kpi_source_folder>

line in the docker-compose-frontend.yml file after commenting out the image: line.