Freeing up space in Kobotoolbox server

How can I free up space in my Kobotoolbox server. I have up to 2G media files that I already downloaded and I want to completely remove these media files. But the project is still live, I need to remove about thousands of these images to free up the server and to ease next download. Please help

Hi @dayom4real
Can you confirm that this is a private server installation instance? If not, could you kindly explain which server instance you are using?


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Hi Stephane,

I am using Non-humanitarian server.


Hi Dare,
Unfortunately this cannot be done on the user interface and we are also not sure whether this can be done via API. If this is a functionality you strongly need, I would like to recommend that you make a suggestion for future development.


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Hi @dayom4real,

However as a workaround you could download all the submissions (both data as well as media attachments), back them up in a safe location and then delete the entire submissions from the KoBoToolbox server.

Maybe you could carry this on a routine interval until the survey ends.