Freelance ODK-based system (ODK/ KoboToolBox/SurveyCTO/ ONA) trainers in multiple countries in Asia, Western Africa, Middle East, and Latin America

Hi community,
I am Atanu Garai, founder of SocialWell , a unified data + content startup.

Asia: Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Armenia
Africa: Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and Democratic Republic of Congo
Middle East: Iraq and Yemen
Latin America: Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras

We are looking for local ‘Freelance ODK-based (ODK/ KoboToolBox/SurveyCTO/ ONA) Trainers’ to a) work with the nonprofits to test and validate survey forms and b) train a group of enumerators in online and onsite formats.

We anticipate an engagement of 2 to 8 days.

This contract is contingent upon the successful awarding of the contract.

You may email us to share your CV and outline your experience in testing survey forms and training the enumerators to the email id:

Travel will be reimbursed.

Deadline: May 5, 2024.

Best regards,

@garaia, thank you for brining this opportunity to our power users! Pinging @hakan_cetinkaya @wroos @MohammedTaleb @Andrew1 @rahul_521 @ks_1 @stephenoduor @estefania.avendano @morriz @fadl @Prem @janna @meum92 @osmanburcu @donan28 @Rohitggn @fadl @arunarandeniya @mdarshad17 @shadesl @bonouekaiteie @Prem @marribork @DatamaniacSteve @Colin, @ralphthompson, @jbindrookobo, @bilal, @garaia if anyone of you are interested with this assignment!

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