Full entry not stored

I used commas for some number replies (ex : 2.8) but on the excel sheet only the first number (ex : 2) is displayed.

@Crstm, could you check the question type used for this issue? Seems like you have used the integer question type instead of the decimal question type.

Thank you very much for your reply ! Indeed it seems that’s what I did, I didn’t notice there were two different types… Seeing that writing a period seemed allowed in enketo for that question I didn’t think further. I guess that this data is lost then ?

Hello @Crstm,
yes, it is lost. Doing systematic testing and a full pre-test is always recommended.

As far as we can see, unfortunately there is a . (dot) on the Enketo keyboard entry on Android, but such entry is directly blocked/not accepted in Firefox. In Chrome and Opera, similar keyboard, but the . (dot) entry is even accepted, but lost on save and there is no spinner element. So, in Chrome and Opera on Android negative numbers cannot be entered!

In Collect there is no . (dot), but a minus sign which is missing in Enketo.

It seems even a bug in Enketo on Android, as negative numbers cannot be entered with the keyboard, but only with the spinner element. @Kal_Lam to check this, please. (Tested with Enketo and ODK v2022.2.1 on Android 5.0 and 11, French smartphone language)

Enketo with Firefox 100.1.1 (on Samsung Android)

Enketo with Chrome (on Samsung Android)

Collect (ODK)

A workaround for negative integer/decimals might also be to use text type with number appearance, see https://docs.getodk.org/form-question-types/#number-text-widget.


Alright that’s too bad. I wish I could have had time to pretest but a series of unplanned events led to having to create the whole questionnaire the day before field work. Thank you very much for your answer !

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Dear @Kal_Lam,
any feedback on this, please? Problem on Android, esp. with Chrome (and Opera) browser. I could not find a github entry.

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@wroos, you mean entering a negative number with Collect android app is possible while the same is not possible with Enketo?

Hello @Kal_Lam,
yes, with some browsers, e.g…Chrome, see screenshots above. I also have put a link here

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Hello @Crstm, maybe you can add technical info and screenshots from your tablets, please.

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