General Feedback on the KoBo Toolbox User Interface

We want to learn from your experience using our platform. In this topic, you can send your feedback about any difficulties, challenges or frustrations you regularly experience using the KoBo Toolbox interface (note that this does not include KoBo Collect or Enketo).

This will be an open and ongoing discussion. We want to make this as interactive as possible, so feel free to include those aspects you do enjoy using, and/or if you disagree with any previous suggestions. Please remember to keep the conversation civil and follow the guidelines for civilized public discussion.

These are some examples of questions you could be asking yourself to contribute:

  • Do the different screens in the platform adapt to my needs and workflow?
  • Are there any problems I experience regularly?
  • Is there something confusing in the way the information is presented?
  • Do I keep doing something wrong, despite that I know how to do it, because the design of the platform encourages that error?
  • Do you feel there are aspects or sections of the platform you don’t use because you don’t understand what they are or how they work?