General Feedback on the KoboToolbox User Interface

We want to learn from your experience using our platform. In this topic, you can send your feedback about any difficulties, challenges or frustrations you regularly experience using the KoBo Toolbox interface (note that this does not include KoBo Collect or Enketo).

This will be an open and ongoing discussion. We want to make this as interactive as possible, so feel free to include those aspects you do enjoy using, and/or if you disagree with any previous suggestions. Please remember to keep the conversation civil and follow the guidelines for civilized public discussion.

These are some examples of questions you could be asking yourself to contribute:

  • Do the different screens in the platform adapt to my needs and workflow?
  • Are there any problems I experience regularly?
  • Is there something confusing in the way the information is presented?
  • Do I keep doing something wrong, despite that I know how to do it, because the design of the platform encourages that error?
  • Do you feel there are aspects or sections of the platform you don’t use because you don’t understand what they are or how they work?

Hello @ig_rebollo and rest of the amazing team :slight_smile:

In the DATA section of the KoBo UI, if you hide any field, Validation field becomes hidden too. And it seems there is no way to hide or show the Validation field in hide fields selection screen.

Here are some screenshots about the case:

As you can see validation field is not-hidden, like every field.
validation not hidden

There is no way to hide or un-hide the validation field:
validation hidden

Hiding just the ID field:

As I hide just the ID field, validation field is gone:
validation hidden-2


Thank you @hakan_cetinkaya. That was a good catch. We will get back to you with this soon.

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya thank you very much for letting us know, that should definitely not be happening! We’ll look into it and try to fix it for the next release.


@hakan_cetinkaya I was able to reproduce it locally, and there is already a fix awaiting code review: Fix validation column disappearing by magicznyleszek · Pull Request #3613 · kobotoolbox/kpi · GitHub. The new code will make the Validation status column be always visible and not able to hide.

The way to “fix” the problem in current situation is to open the “hide fields” dropdown and use the “reset” button in it. This will make the Validation status column appear (and all the other hidden ones). If you use the column header dropdown option “Hide field” then the Validation status will not disappear.


Thank you @ig_rebollo and @magicznyleszek for your amazing work :slight_smile:

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Hello @magicznyleszek,
Why not treat the validation field as any other, please??

Hello @wroos thank you for your comment! We thought of the validation field as an extension of the action column (the select, view and edit buttons for each row), and as a result it behaves similarly and can’t be hidden.

Can you tell us more about why you would rather being able to hide it as well? Is screen space an issue even when toggling full screen? Shouldn’t the status of each row always be visible?

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Hello everyone,

This post is about bulk editing and single editing submissions.

  1. In the single editing article it states: (under Please Note, Second bullet point)

It is not possible to do bulk edit or deletions.

This is no longer the case with the implementation of bulk editing . You might want to update that note.

  1. In an archieved project, it is not possible to edit a single submission. That is totally understable. And the visual representation of the single edit button is not there. That is expected behaviour. As can be seen in the screenshot below.

However the bulk edit button is available, and when you click on it, it brings you to the bulk edit screen.
bulk edit

In the bulk edit screen you can make edits for your question with no problem. Only after clicking Confirm & Close button in bulk edit screen, you get the following error message:

bulk edit failed

This design suggests that editing submissions in an archieved project is possible, but in fact it is not.


Hello everyone!

This post is about single validation and bulk validation

  1. The support article Record Validation uses old UI for the visuals. This causes minor problems for new users.

  2. The validation status of a submission in an archieved project:

  • Can be changed through clicking Change status on the top:
    validation change status

  • But it cannot changed through clicking the status itself: (You can click on the options but the status doesn’t change)
    validation - bulk - single

So right now, we have two options to change validation status of a submission in an archieved project. One option works, one does not. Which is inconsistent.


Hello @ig_rebollo,
My apologies for late reply.
It is ok. But not everybody uses this validation on server level, e.g. for us it comes to late, we do “validation” by supervisor before submission. And it seems more similar to a column (variable) than to an action button, like select, view etc.
Kind regards

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Hello @hakan_cetinkaya,
Yes, it seems inconsistent.
Furthermore, why should changing validation status be allowed in archive? (@ig_rebollo ?)

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Hi there! thank you for the wonderful work!

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