Generation of Null values in the form

Hello there ! my first time around here. I happy to join to this community.

I need to know if there is a way to generate a value that says “Null” or “No information” every time that the respondent does not fill a value or leave the answer blank.

This will help once the data its download to Excel, Power bi or GIS software, avoiding automatically data overwriting.

I left an image with a example of the mistake once I uploaded to QGIS.

Welcome to the community, @Jrojas_EC! So did you mean you wish to see the Null in every blank response where the system skips the question as you see in other data collection/management software?

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Exactly! This will help to get the data ready to work once I connect Kobotoolbox with QGIS or other software. Thanks for your answer. If I am able to correct it, I will upload a video about this topic because there is no as much material about it.

@Jrojas_EC, sorry, this feature is not supported with KoboToolbox. Every question that is skipped does not get any values with KoboToolbox.